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We want you to feel relaxed and comfortable while visiting our websites! If you buy something in our online shop we want you to feel as safe and comfortable about buying a certain product as you would be in any retail shop. In this respect we clearly benefit from our experiences with retail shops.

Cheap is not always good value…But we always offer very good value...

Like anywhere else, there are loads of black sheep around in Video and DVD mail-order services! Our special offers are narrowly calculated and bought in huge amounts, so we can pass on the inexpensive price to our customers, even though this sometimes annoys our competitors. We exclusively obtain our DVDs from authorised wholesalers, or directly order from the producer. Some DVDs get reproduced in small editions by the producers themselves. In this case they get manufactured in another process and so can have different colours on the cover, or not be welded in plastic foil. The quality of these films is identical with the original and can be viewed on any standard DVD player.
If you have any questions concerning the above, please contact us at: email info@shop-service.at

The purchase of DVDs is not linked to any membership/club

After your registration you can immediately order your DVDs in our shop. There are no hidden extra costs.

Purchase per credit card/direct debiting

Buying per credit card or direct debiting belongs to the currently safest ways of payment for customers who purchase on the internet. As consumer you have the right to set off a return debit entry for an UNLIMITED period of time. That means, in case there is a debit entry from your account where you do not agree with us in terms of the amount you can ask your bank to get you the money back at any time – without any extra costs.
Please contact us before setting off a return debit note. In most cases inconsistencies can easily be sorted.
With orders per direct debiting or credit card we debit the amount to be due from your account under the company name S.A.G. Technology GmbH.

statement of account


How to contact us:

In Austria:
Tel:    +43 1 545 87 78
In Germany:
Phone:    00800 - 55588877 (freecall from the landline)
Fax:    +49 (0)180 - 30 69 069 (0,09€/min)   
Per email:

oder per  contact-form

***NEW*** Order per Fax or Email

Please note the article number of the chosen product.
For your order we need: :
1.    article number (e.g.. SX4711)
2.    Your surname and first name
3.    Your email-address, or fax number for the confirmation of order
4.    Your birthday as a proof of your age
5.    Your street, postcode, place of residence, and country
6.    Way of delivery (POST/UPS)
7.    Your way of payment (advance payment, credit card, direct debiting only for Germany, or cash on delivery (COD) only with UPS within Germany)
Optional: Your phone number for questions concerning your order

Order per fax: +49 180-3069069 (0,09€/min)

Order per email order@shop-service.at

Ways of payment

Advance payment : After processing your order you will receive the particulars of our bank account along with the confirmation of order. Please use the order number you find on your confirmation of order as reference on your transaction.

Credit card/ direct debiting: We need your credit card number, check digit (CVC), and validity of the card (month/year). Without the check digit we cannot deal with your request. For direct debiting we need your account number and bank saving code. Direct debiting is currently possible for customers in Germany only. The direct debit on your bank statement occurs under the name "S.A.G. Technology OnlineShop".

Cash on Delivery (COD) : The products will be delivered to you immediately. Please note that in this case we are not allowed to send via the German post! So your consignment cannot be picked up at the post office. Payment per COD is possible for deliveries in Germany only.

Your data is safe (see also data protection)

Our sites get hosted in a high security computer centre on our own servers, that partly are tied up numerously redundant, whereas most of our competitors share their hard disk with unkown, foreign companies. We would never share our hard disk with your data with foreign companies, but instead prefer a safe solution which is in our customers' interest. For payment we use a safe transmission with a decoding of 128Bit that you may already know from Online-Banking.


Data Storing

For all orders per internet the data which is necessary to process your order is electronically collected and stored through a registration form during the registration procedure. Voluntarily given information make it easier for us to contact you quickly in case this should be necessary. At any time you can see, check, or change your stored data in the customer-administration of the shop.
To process the payment modalities of your order, information concerning the way of payment get transmitted in a coded form via a safed connection between us and the bank or its partner in order to fulfill the collection according to the due payment/service in return.
For the purpose of checking the credit and in case of a justified interest concerning payment transactions we have a data exchange with partners.
Without your consent we will not transmit or leave your data to a third. As far as the user gives his consent this is revocable with immediate effect on the future at any time.
The user agrees that S.A.G. Technology GmbH stores all personal data and information, that allow a later identification of the customer, such as IP-address, date, time and regarded sites for the purpose of clearing up misuse, or fraud in connection with the access of our servers for security measures. This is especially true for return debit notes where the originator cannot be found out from the registration data.
The GeoTrust company button on our main page indicates you that our site has not been manipulated by a hacker. If you click the button, you will receive further solid information about our company from this authorised and worldwide acknowledged certifying institute.

Immediate delivery – everything in stock!

All articles that are presented in the shop are in stock and can be delivered immediately. In case that a certain article should not be available, we will send on the article free of delivery expenses.

Today, time is ticking faster

For this reason we optionally offer express delivery within Germany. With this option you will receive your goods already until 12 am of the next working day. First customers in Germany must choose this despatch way for legal reasons. Besides, express despatch does not deliver on weekends. For more information on despatch click HERE.

We care for our youth!

That's why we only post your articles after a verification of your age per post through the despatch way "certified post-personal". The verification can also be done in the run-up through the upload of a digital copy of your ID, or through other solid and suitable online-checkings (such as the particulars of your bank account). If an online-verification should not be possible, we also offer you a personal delivery via Express. With Express despatch we get the proof of your majority. After we have verified your age you can do all future orders by post. Please give us a little time; the processing will take about 2-3 weeks.

In case an error should occur...

We help you quickly and straightforwardly in case of problems or faulty insertion concerning your order. Please use our service-numbers. Besides: Our partners are only humans and so of course can make mistakes, too. Should this happen, we will send you the information, or try to phone you as soon as possible. For this reason the correct input of your data is especially important.

Please note our GBTs.

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